The Non-profit Support Portal is designed to support non-profit organizations that need help finding, writing, and managing grants for their organization. Membership into the Non-profit Support Portal gives you the opportunity to search for nationwide grants, review our tutorial videos and resources, and download templates to help you with the grant writing process. Members have the ability to connect with other organizations to create future partnerships

This program consists of:

  • Unlimited access to nationwide grant opportunities
  • Grant Templates
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Live Information Sessions
  • Example Grant Proposals
  • Proposal Revisions
  • Virtual Non-profit Support
  • Real-time interactions with other non-profit leaders
  • Discounts on the Non-profit Starter Kit
  • Discounts on certification courses
Payment options

The Non-profit Starter Kit is for professionals looking to obtain the IRS 501(c)3 status for their charitable organization. KSR will complete the proper paperwork and train the leaders on non-profit governance. Included in the non-profit starter kit is:

  • State and Federal Document Submission
  • Completed Bylaws and Constitution
  • Policies and Procedure
  • Board Governance Support
  • Budget Management Support
  • Grant Support
  • Templates and resources for daily operations

If you need guidance with developing your non-profit organization KSR Business Support, LLC is here to help!

Grant Writing Certification Course

KSR Business Support offers online certification courses for individuals seeking to gain knowledge on grant writing and grant management.

Grant Writing Certification

This course is designed to teach you how to follow a step-by-step process that will increase your confidence when writing a grant proposal. As you take the class, you’ll have 24 hours in the virtual classroom to learn systematic strategies for improving your success with writing compelling and exciting proposals that will generate support for your organizations. 

Topic areas covered are:

Essential Grant Proposal Writing Skills

  • Components of the Grant Proposal
  • Characteristics of Fundable Proposals
  • Analyzing Request for Proposals

Grant Applications & Program Development

  • Letters of Intent & Inquiry
  • Program Description & Implementation Plan
  • Designing Measurable Goals & Objectives

Grant Proposal Package Elements

  • Executive Summary & Abstract
  • Evaluation Methods with Outcomes & Impact
  • Program Budget Development & Narrative

Introduction to Grant Management

  • Responsibilities of Grant Manager
  • Internal Controls
  • Monitoring Plan

Corporate Workshops

KSR Business Support, LLC  offers professional development plans. Simply give us a call at (757) 524-3325 or email ksrbizconsulting@gmail.com. A member of our professional development team will happily work with you to design a training package that best meets your wants and needs.